Hospice Houses Meet Patients’ Needs

Being at home in familiar surroundings and close to family and friends is the first choice of most people. But when that is not possible, Devoted Healthcare provides an alternative where professional staff is available 24 hours a day and a physician specializing in symptom control visits daily. Together they develop a treatment plan that enables patients to return home and the most important things in their lives.

Devoted has cheerful Hospice Houses specifically designed for this service

Staff specializing in end-of-life care

There are other facets to the hospice houses, as well. As hands-on facilities with staff specializing in end-of-life care, they serve as a bridge between the hospital and patients’ own homes. Family members can become comfortable performing the skills needed to care for their loved one at home. Hospice houses can be a place of temporary or permanent placement for the control of distressing symptoms or it can be a place where patients come while their caregivers get a well-earned, much-needed period of respite.

Each situation is assessed individually to determine the appropriate level of care.

With staff and volunteers who have chosen hospice care as their life’s work, and who understand that those things that enriched patients’ lives prior to their diagnoses continue to enrich them today, hospice houses are places that enable patients to live and accept life’s end in peace and dignity.

Each hospice house allows Devoted Healthcare to provide cost-effective, 24-hour-a-day coverage for home patients while ensuring continuity of care for hospice house residents.

When you step into one of our homes you can’t help but feel like you are at home