Caregiver Rates

Devoted Homecare Connection is locally owned and operated in Pomona, California and serves the Inland Empire, San Gabriel Valley and Los Angeles County. You negotiate duties and rates, hire and pay your caregiver directly, and the caregiver is generally considered your employee.

Our clients enjoy knowing that they have control over the arrangement with their caregivers, who earn the equivalent of about 90% of the total fee paid. Devoted Homecare Caregiver Connection charges an additional $3.50/hour (up to $50/day) referral fee, paid separately by the client.  We do not determine caregiver rates, and they are often flexible in what they charge.

Many factors influence what caregivers charge; for instance, the level of care (complexity), the degree of training that the caregiver has (hospice-level care is generally more), whether or not the job is steady or short-term, and the how restful night shifts are. We recommend that caregivers and clients re-evaluate terms with each other when the care routine becomes apparent, as their duties and rates may need to be adjusted.

The rates below reflect what caregivers generally request for compensation by their clients.

Short Day Shifts: 2-6 hours

$22-$25 or more per hour

Long Day Shifts: 7-12 hours

$20-$25 or more per hour

Overnight Shifts: 8-12 hours

$18-$25 or more per hour

24-hour/”Live-in” Shifts that include sleep for the caregiver(s):

When our caregivers work 24-hour shifts they must be able to sleep at night, and it generally takes 3-5 caregivers to cover a 24 x 7 case. If the caregivers are not able to sleep at night, then care must be delivered in an hourly fashion, usually 12-hour day and night shifts, where the above day/night rates would apply.

•  Companion-level shifts start at $350 for 24-hour shifts

•  Hospice-level shifts, at the lighter end of care, start at $450 for 24-hour shifts

•  Complex situations (end-stage hospice, extreme fall risk, etc.) can run up to $600 per 24-hour shift

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